Hello everyone! This is officially my very first blog entry. I am not going to lie.. I am super nervous and scared BUT very excited to start sharing my passions and life with you! As I currently sit here typing away on the computer, we have had two meltdowns with Willow and moments of her just sitting on my lap while I try and complete this blog site! I can comfortably say that I think I am ready to publish it to the public! If you go and read my “about” section it will tell you the main points and I cannot wait to get those started. Of course because this is something new to me, it may take me a while to get acclimated, so bare with me! I would also LOVE your feedback and suggestions to make the blog better, or for you to share ideas on what to post, or if you want to be featured please visit my contact page and let me know! You do not understand what it means to me that you have even taken the effort to just come and visit for even just a brief moment to support me. I cannot wait to get started.

Again, thanks for your support, your feedback, and your encouragement! We all have dreams out there so GO FOLLOW them!

Talk to you soon!

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