So everyone pretty much loves tacos right? And usually you hear about taco Tuesday’s, but I am here to tell you about taco Thursday’s! In the downtown Louisville area every Thursday is a taco truck, The Traveling Kitchen ,that sits outside my place of employment. If you work downtown and haven’t tried The Traveling Kitchen, you have at least heard about it. They provide quality Korean tacos at a GREAT price. Some may even say they taste like heaven in your mouth!  Most of the restaurants downtown cost on average of 10 dollars for a meal, and usually it is just a lunch portion.  But at the taco truck you can get 3 tacos FILLED with glorious meat for only 8 dollars…AND they taste amazing!tacos

Oh and did I mention that they have pan-fried or deep-fried dumplings as well?!?! Talk about icing on the cake! … or more like kimchi on the tacos! That’s right they also have kimchi you can add to any taco! Go follow their Facebook page (linked above) so you can see where they will be next! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

With that, I will end… Happy Taco Thursday!

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