Hello Friends! As promised I wanted to talk with you about essential oils and the big role they play not only in my family’s life, but also my friends life as well.

I started using oils about 2 years ago as another option outside of using over the counter drugs for small things like headaches, and stomach aches. However, I found that they could be used for so much more than the normal aches and pains!

I currently use a mixture of brands when I use my oils. Not for any reason, other than I like to try and help my friends in their businesses, or if there is a good deal I am going to take it! So I currently am using Young Living, Doterra, and Rocky Mountain Oils. All have received great reviews and all of them I love.

My main go to oils that I use almost daily are peppermint, lavender, vetiver, rosemary,  and breathe.  Along with a roller oil blend “past tense”. I will give you a little description on what I use them for and how they work for me and my family.


  • Peppermint- is great for headaches, stomach aches, sinus congestion, and the list goes on.  These are the main things we use this oil for.
  • Lavender- this oil we use mainly for relaxation and stress.  I use it on both my girls when they seem very wound up or are having trouble sleeping and it always seems to help calm them down.
  • Vetiver- this oil I use EVERY night to help me sleep. Vetiver has been known to help people with sleep apnea and insomnia. You apply it to the bottom of your feet and it gives you an instant calming that helps relax your mind and body. This is a MUST oil for me.
  • Rosemary- we defuse this oil to help with respiratory problems, as well as just the smell. It has a great aroma and it really helps with breathing.
  • Breathe- this is a blended oil that helps clear airways, makes breathing easier when congested and helps with seasonal allergies. We defuse this at night when the allergy season is bad and it helps us all breathe a little easier.

So now that I have given you my favorites and why they are my go to items, I am going to introduce you to three wonderful women who are pursuing their dreams in the essential oil business. These ladies are getting the word out there on why they love these products and how they have changed their lives and I want to share that with you as well! Danielle, Brooke, and Anna are putting their passions out there for the world to see, so if you have an interest in oils and want to know more they want to help! I have asked each of them to give me a little testimony on their journey to using oils and how it has helped them in their personal lives. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I have.

Meet DanielleFB_IMG_1497574210906

“Hi y’all! My name is Danielle Cornett! I’m a wife👰 to Jonathan, a mama to two beautiful little girls👭, Tinley who’s 3, and Macie who’s 17 months,a dog mama to Leo who will be 5 in august, a labor and delivery nurse ❤️👶 and I’m totally obsessed with young living and all of their amazing natural products! I found my love for YL in January of this year and can’t go a day without using multiple oils and products they offer daily! Which is expanding starting Monday 😍😍😍 Young living is about to start offering sunscreen, MAKEUP and an entire kids line called seedlings👶❤️ which will contain everything from wipes to shampoo! Young living is the only company that can say they are 100% pure and natural through our seed to seal promise! Only the very best for my family!

My go to oils, if I could only pick 3(but who would want to do that) would be stress away, lavender and thieves/thieves cleaner. Y’all that was really hard because I could have written at least 20 that I’m totally obsessed with and use on a daily basis!

🌿Stress away 💓 oh sweet sweet stress away! The name says it all! Anytime you’re feeling stressed, anxious, down or just not like yourself slap this bad boy on and watch those feelings lift off of your shoulders. This is what sold me on my first kit! I even love to just inhale this oil. I apply this over my heart, to my wrist and onto the back of my neck. I cannot go through a 12 shift without this oil! Or a day at home with my babes 😂

Lavender ❤️ I usually tell everyone to start with its oil first. It has been nicknamed The Swiss army knife of oils because of its many versatile uses. My favorite ways​ to use it are for Sleep, cuts and bruises, seasonal sniffles and of course relaxation. It is great in a bath with some epsom salt and it is the most gentle oil and it’s a great one to start with. This is in our sleepy bedtime rollers for the girls! Tinley asks every night for her sleepy oils!

Thieves cleaner 🌿 oh my goodness, if you don’t have this in your home you’re crazy! Being a nurse I had to make sure this was legit and would actually clean! I recommend you YouTube “thieves petri dish experiments”! Your mind will be blown 🌋 Thieves is an all natural, toxic free way to clean your home and even let your littles help without worrying about chemicals and toxins! I love the story behind Thieves too! It was said that Thieves during the plague would go around robbing and stealing from the sick and dyeing and wouldn’t get sick because they had this blend of oils on themselves! 😍 I mean wow! Hence the name 😉

My goal is to get YL in every home of all my friends and help them on their way to healthy wellness! There are so many alternatives to things you use every single day that are so much healthier through young living! And if you’re a skeptic please contact me so I can help change that with some samples! Also, think about it. If you’ve ever used​ Vicks,a citronella candle or a lotion infused with lavender to relax, you’re already a believer, you’re just doing yourself an injustice and not going the pure all natural route!
My member ID number with YL is 11168167 and here’s a link to purchase through me Young Living- Danielle. You can also message me on Facebook or search my name on the young living website!! I’d be happy to help you start, or continue, your journey to wellness!”
Meet Brooke:19238670_10154715291275998_1573923923_o
“So I could tell you why I chose Young Living or I could tell you why I chose oils. While the reason I picked Young Living is good educational information, the reason I chose oils comes more from the heart. When I purchased my PSK from YL I didn’t really know anything about oils. I was looking for something to help with the cramps I get from PCOS. I never knew that looking for helps with cramps would change my entire life in an unimaginable way. First joining the community Oil+Co, I quickly learned that you can use Lavender for essential everything. We actually have a saying “When in doubt, use Lavender.” But I learned that Peppermint helps cool my dogs down on hot days and taste great in brownies 😊. I have the kind of personality that throws all of me into something so the more I learned the more I craved knowing. Before I go on I should let you know that I have suffered from depression at a very young age. The older I get, the worse it seems to become. Everyday is a struggle for me. Depression and anxiety have affected every relationship I’ve ever had, caused me to walk away from the easiest job I’ve ever had, causes insomnia and leaves me in puddles of unexplainable tears almost daily. I tried taking medication, but what antidepressants do is numb all emotions. So instead of just not feeling sad, you don’t feel anything and become essentially a zombie. I can remember laying in my bed just watching the fan spin. No desire to move. And that, for me, was worse than feeling sad. I decided that I would rather be a rollercoaster of emotions than just feel nothing at all. Fast forward to now. Shortly after diving into oils I learned that they can help with anxiety and depression. I thought there is no way this is true. But what did I have to lose. That is when I learned about Valor. Valor had been out of stock for over a year because it only passed 7/8 test that it needs to pass in order to be bottled. So I waited. This oil is the holy grail of oils that fight depression. While I was waiting I looked up other oils. I learned that Bergamot and Vetiver both help lift mood and relax the body. I started diffusing these along with Lavender and Cedarwood as I fell asleep and for the first time in as long as I could remember, I slept soundly all night without being pass out drunk. I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep. I thought it was a fluke until it happened again, and again, and again. I had more energy because I was well rested. I noticed I had less bad days. And then Valor was released again. Praise Jesus. I use Valor on my toes when I’m having a particularly bad day. Or inhale it straight from the bottle. It has an intense calming affect. Which makes my messed up brain calm down. This is it. This oil has changed my life. But then I heard about another oil blend that had been out of stock called Progressence Plus. This blend is specifically designed for women. It helps to balance hormones and can help with PCOS, Endometriosis, infertility and premenstrual depression. I have officially started rubbing two drops on my forearm before bed every night. I’m still in the phase where my hormones are trying to balance themselves out which could take about a month but from everyone who already uses it, I’m optimistic that it will work as well as everything else I’ve tried. I am an oiler for life. I’m so glad I have found a way to help prevent my episodes from happening all together instead of just trying to treat them in the middle of one. Oils where more than I ever expected. They have saved me from myself.
Some oils I use everyday and why.
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.21.05 PM
  • Grapefruit – add to water to help dissolve fat.
  • Peppermint – add to the dogs water to cool them down, my allergies
  • Lavender – Diffuse for sleep, drops in bath for destressing, in mascara for healthy lashes, bug bite relief, it’s in my dogs flea spray, allergies, etc.
  • Lemon – taste yummy, allergies
  • Bergamot – Sleep, aches and pains
  • Valor – Depression, snoring (lol)
  • Progressence Plus – Hormone Balance
  • Rosemary – mix with cedarwood and lavender for a scalp spray

I could really keep going on but those are the ones I use the most.”

Go visit her business page on Facebook linked here- Young Living- Brooke

Meet Anna:17546989_10158944211665497_1588939363000581763_o

“I stumbled upon essential oils while doing research on ADHD for my son. I found numerous things we change in our lifestyles to potentially assist him. Cleaner and greener was one topic that kept coming up. Cleaner eating. Greener living. We have slowly started replacing medicines, cleaners, and personal care items with more natural choices. We found several essential oils to support different parts of his little system and assist with any deficiencies that he has. We may have started our research looking for solutions for our son but we continue research to support the entire family now. Whether it be immunity support, relaxation support, personal care, greener cleaning, or even adding a bit of flavor to water and food we use essential oils daily in every aspect of our entire families loves now.

As a diabetic lemon essential oil is one of my favorites.  I add lemon to my water and tea every day. It adds just the right flavor to keep me from wanting sugary beverages. I also love peppermint oil.  Great in hot chocolate or brownies. Also works wonders to ease an upset tummy. Add some peppermint to some water in a spritzer bottle and spray yourself after a hot day to help cool off. Stress away is another favorite essential oil of mine. With a unique combination of lime and vanilla this is the perfect blend of tropical and citrus, Stress away is relaxing and comforting.

Visit Anna’s business Facebook page here- Anna’s Addicted to Oils

Thank you everyone for reading! Again, I hope you enjoyed their stories as much as I did. These ladies are so inspiring and are each following this passion of theirs for a different reason. Make sure to go support them in their journeys!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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