As promised friends… it is here… Fashion Friday! First of all, Happy Friday! I am so humbled that each of you are still reading and enjoying my posts. The feedback that I have received is so amazing and I love that you all want to be apart of this with me!

Now fashion is something that I love. I might not be good at it, but I have a true passion for it. I also love finding bargains. I am a working mother and we do not have endless funds to spend on clothing and accessories. When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to feature was affordable clothing. A lot of bloggers that I follow (who I LOVE) always post these super cute outfits but are way to pricey for someone like me. So of course I thought, what if I posted about clothing that was cute AND affordable!?

The pictures that I will be featuring were taken by my awesome brother Caleb! He is starting his own photography business (he is only a Junior in high school!) and has a great future ahead of him! His work is phenomenal no matter what his current project is. I am completely honored and thrilled that he wanted to partner with his big sister and do my pictures, knowing this was a part of my BIG dream. So for that I say, THANK YOU Caleb («link to his site here) for contributing your wonderful talent to me and to the blog!

135A3510finalThe first outfit that I want to feature this week is something I think will be a great outfit for fall! Again, I am all for the bargains, so one of my favorite places to shop is Marshall’s! I know that you all see the commercials and know that they sell brand names for less. I got this bell sleeved top for $16.99 at Marshall’s, as well as these American Eagle flare jeans (also $16.99). The wedges I got on Amazon (another favorite) for $19.97, plus free shipping (currently show for a higher price, but keep an eye out as they will lower their prices every few days)! I have not been able to find a cute pair of wedges under $25 until now! These shoes are so versatile too. They can be worn in the summer with shorts, maxi dresses, or jeans. Best of all they are comfortable! I do NOT wear heels, but I can wear wedges just fine! One of my all time favorite colors to wear in the fall is mustard. It is a color I tend to be drawn too. You can wear practically anything with that color. Pair this shirt with a leopard scarf or leopard flats. You can also pair it with a blue chunky scarf or statement necklace. I like to go with the more simple look when pairing accessories, so I would go for a long pendant necklace or a simple gold dainty necklace. There really is a ton of ways you could dress this top! Also, can we just talk about the bell sleeves! I remember in middle school these were in, as well as years before too I am sure, but I LOVED them. Now they are BACK! This top has the most adorable bell sleeves to top off the amazing color! The flare jeans are probably one of my favorite pair of jeans right now. American Eagle always has the best fit for my bottom half if you will, just because I am more hippy. With these they are denim but still stretchy! So they are so comfortable, and also still gives you that 70’s vibe. These are definitely something you will be seeing me wear a lot this fall.

Side note- I will be posting all of these outfits on my Instagram as well. Make sure to go follow- Instagram-StylinArrow.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked writing about it! I cannot wait to do these weekly! Friends, PLEASE send your suggestions if you have ANY! I would absolutely love to feature something you suggest! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Links to the outfit are below- some items are not available online so I linked similar options:

Mustard Bell Sleeved Top

Flare Jeans

Tan Wedges

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